Home News Chaos as Jeff Mwathi’s body being exhumed

Chaos as Jeff Mwathi’s body being exhumed


A section of residents clashed with local administrators on Friday, March 31, during the exhumation of Jeff Mwathi’s body in Njoro in Nakuru County.

Agitated residents expressed dissatisfaction with how the process was being executed, arguing that it was supposed to be conducted thoroughly.

However area police boss intervened, asking the residents to disperse from the compound to give government pathologists and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation homicide unit space to exhume the body.

“I urge you to move away and allow the officers to exhume the body and conduct a fresh forensic examination as this is a matter of national interest,” the area police boss stated.

”We are about to cross paths with all of you. Kindly leave this area and allow the police to proceed. Do not interfere with the crime scene,” he added.

According to one of the residents, the DCI homicide unit had left the area following a confrontation.

“They had parked their belonging and put them in the car but right now they are back to continue with the exercise,” she stated.

The law enforcement officers, however, allowed only family members at the compound where the exhumation exercise was taking place.