Home News Man found dead after being sodomized in Thika

Man found dead after being sodomized in Thika


An unidentified man was today found dead after allegedly being sodomized by unknown men in Thika Sub-County.

The deceased yet to be identified, is reported to have been found dead within Thika Business centre today morning.

First responders at the scene said that there was blood stains in his trouser at the scene and his trouser was also found off the boot.

After inspecting him, they suspected that man was sodomised as blood was oozing from his behind.

Kiambu County Police Commander who confirmed the incident said investigations are underway.

According to a local identified as Jack, a bodaboda operator saw the body first and alerted the public.

Jack further said that what shocked them more was that the body was lying facing up and his handkerchief was also found at the scene stained with blood.