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Photo of Jeff Maina the Dj Fatxo’s driver wearing mask and gloves checking ground where Jeff Mwathi body fell


More details continue to come out on the death of Jeff Mwathi who died mysteriously at DJ Fatxo’s apartment locate at Redwood apartments.


They initially reported at Kasarani police station that Jeff had committed suicide by jumping down from 10th floor to the ground. However, an inquest into this death has revealed varying details and evidences pointing out that he might have died in other ways before his body was dropped down.


One of the striking evidences is the CCTV footage showing two people believed to be DJ Fatxo’s driver and cousin checking the ground floor where Jeff’s body later landed from above. This was some minutes before his body was seen coming down.

Jeff Maina, who is said to be the driver was particularly seen wearing a face mask and gloves in his hands. Many believe this was a way to conceal his identity after committing the heinous crime.

Many have questioned why he would wear a face mask and gloves at that time of the night and what was the motive if coming down from 10th floor, surveying the area then making a brief call before going back to the house.


DCI officers have also ruled out suicide as the cause of Jeff’s death as they claim that he was already dead when his body was falling down. This now puts DJ Fatxo and all those who were in the house on the spot to explain what exactly happened to Jeff Mwathi.