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Photo of Kasarani boda boda rider who killed his wife and called daughter to see

A boda boda rider from Maji Mazuri in Kasarani killed his wife last night and called his daughter to witness what he had done.
“Amka! Uone venye nimefanya mamako!” the man told his daughter who recently finished Form Four.
The suspect reportedly attacked his wife with a knife before stabbing her to death and attempting suicide.
A neighbor who spoke to the police said the murder suspect called his daughter, who had just sat her Form Four and who was watching television in the sitting room, and told her to go witness how he had killed her mother.
The man tried to end his life but the bright girl managed to text her mother’s friends, who cried out for help and the police came.
“The man had tried to end his life, but police intervened and nabbed him.” He said.
The officers transferred the body of the deceased to the mortuary awaiting postmortem.
The video clip seen online about the incident showed the young girl crying uncontrollably while calling out for her deceased mother’s name.