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Truth on rumors that Rigathi Gachagua plans to kill Raila Odinga as claimed by Edwin Sifuna


Nairobi senator Edwin Sifuna has now claimed that there is a plan by the ruling government to assassinate the opposition leader Raila Odinga.

This was in reference to what he claims Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua said about the same.

Speaking during a morning interview at Citizen TV today, the ODM Secretary General said that the remarks that the Deputy President made yesterday are very dangerous, claiming that the Azimio Wing know what the Deputy President meant.

“There is a dangerous statement that the Deputy President said yesterday. He said that he is going to deal with Raila with finality. That this time ataenda akiendanga (he will be gone for good),” Sifuna claimed.

“We know what what you are planning. We know that there is a plan to assassinate Raila Odinga,” he added.

Sifuna even dared the moderator Trevor Ombija¬† to play the clip of what Gachagua said after Trevor disagreed with him that there was a threat to life in the Deputy President’s yesterday remarks.

He said that the Azimio Wing will not be scared of the threats, claiming that they are working within the doctrines of the constitution.

The senator said that nobody will scare them from carrying on with there plans of Mass Action on Monday. He also claimed that if one of them have to die, the they will all have to die.