Home News Man in Kakamega digs own grave after beating wife over food

Man in Kakamega digs own grave after beating wife over food

The police officers in Kakamega County are now investigating an incident where a middle-aged man dug his own grave minutes after beating his wife on Wednesday morning.

This, the victim told the police, was to express his anger following a domestic dispute with her over food today morning.

The suspect, a father of seven, says he has done nothing wrong by disciplining his wife and no one should arrest him.

His wife told journalists on Wednesday that the husband, who has been abusing drugs, asked her to prepare for him a plate of Ugali and Omena but she refused telling him it is still very early and a fight broke out between them.

“He is 26 years and drug addict, that one everyone is aware of and often beats me up,” said his wife, adding that before he dug the grave he had chased her away.

“He chased me away from the home,prompting me to go to the assistant chief to report,” she said.

She came back with the chief to sort the domestic issue, only to find a freshly dug grave beside their house.

When she enquired who had died the suspect became annoyed and warned her to shut up.