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Raila Odinga Declares Monday 20th a Holiday


Azimio leader Raila Odinga has declared Monday, March 20th, a public holiday in Kenya, as his supporters plan to hold anti-government protests in Nairobi.

The announcement came during a press conference held by Odinga, where he stated that the protest was necessary to voice the people’s concerns over the government’s handling of various issues, including corruption, unemployment, and high living standards among other things.

According to Odinga, the government has failed to deliver on its promises to the people, and it’s time for Kenyans to take a stand and demand change. He urged his supporters to turn out in large numbers for the peaceful protests, which will be held in various parts of the city.

The decision to declare the day a public holiday was welcomed by his supporters, who see it as a significant move to show their displeasure with the government. Many Kenyans took to social media to express their support for the protest, using the hashtag #March20Protests.

The announcement of the public holiday has caused mixed reactions, with some Kenyans questioning the legality of the move. However, Odinga has stated that the declaration is within his rights as a leader and a way to show solidarity with his supporters.

The Azimio leader has been a vocal critic of the government’s policies and has been pushing for reforms in various sectors. The protests on March 20th will be seen as another attempt to pressure the government to act on the people’s concerns.

The declaration of a public holiday on March 20th is likely to have a significant impact on businesses and schools in the city.