Home News Police officer shoots himself in Huruma estate

Police officer shoots himself in Huruma estate


Nairobi Police Officer is nursing an injury at a city hospital from accidentally shooting himself as he tried to arrest a 23-year-old man.

The officer and his colleagues had gone to arrest the man who had attempted to kill his parents at their home in Huruma, Nairobi.

According to a police report, the officers received a distress call after the man locked his parents in their house and tried to stab them to death.

On arrival, the officers found the man acting wild while armed with a kitchen knife. While in the process of trying to disarm him, he attempted to stab one of the officers.

This prompted the said officer to act in defense and triggered his firearm, which discharged and injured him in the left leg.

It took the intervention of more officers to help disarm the man. He was taken to police custody pending a probe.


Preliminary police findings indicate that the man was also a notorious mobile snatcher well known in the area.