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Photos of Man behind famous Juicy Fruit Advertisment on tv

Juicy fruit chewing gum is one of the adverts that has been popular on screens but people have never known the man behind it. The advert has been impressive to others but some have always dismissed it terming it as childish.In this advert, a young lady attending an interview appears to Thabo and his female colleague who happen to be the interviewers. The lady appears not to have impressed them and so they promise to give her a call. But then the lady uses a trick on them and offers them pellets of juicy fruit making them kind of happy. They then put aside the vetting materials and begin dancing around the office and speaking habitual gibberish.

Thabo Rosenberg Teffo is the man behind this interesting advert. Thabo hails from South Africa and according to sources, he is an actor who has appeared in the biggest Mnet international productions such as the legendary Generations and the Legacy.

Thabo is a multi-talented man as apart from acting, he is a manager to artists, a film director, an event organizer, and an artist with an entire EP behind him titled ‘Am not alone’.

Below are the photos of Thabo.