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Photos of DJ Fatxo’s Cousin and Driver whom he left Jeff Mwathi with the night Jeff died


Photos of DJ Fatxo‘s cousin and driver who were in the house with interior designer Jeff Mwathi before his body was seen going down at 5:47 am have emerged.

The photos have been shared online by blogger Simon Mwangi who has been at the forefront of demanding justice for Jeff on Facebook. The cousin has the same hairstyle as DJ Fatxo.

The two were seen on the ground floor 7 minutes before Jeff’s body went down. They surveyed the area. Fatxo’s cousin looked inside the washroom and made a call before they went up to the house on the 10th floor.

After Jeff’s body fell down, they made a Livestream playing a guitar and singing. The management of the apartment tried knocking on all the doors after Jeff’s body was discovered but the two did not open the door.

Upon interrogation by police on what they were doing on the ground floor, they claimed that they were looking at whether Fatxo had arrived back at the apartment and slept in his car in the parking lot.

The cousin claimed that the call he made was to DJ Fatxo’s manager asking whether they were together since he had not gone back from dropping the ladies. Asked why they did not open the door after the management knocked, they claimed that they were dead asleep at the time.

Kenyans are now demanding for the immediate arrest of DJ Fatxo, his cousin and the three ladies so that they can aid in investigations on what exactly happened to Jeff. Two out of the three ladies were captured in a video that Jeff sent to his girlfriend and mother on the fateful night.