Home News Details of how DJ Fatxo circulated photos of Dead Jeff Mwathi

Details of how DJ Fatxo circulated photos of Dead Jeff Mwathi


There is a new development in the evolving story of the death of Jeff Mwathi that happened at the home of popular Kikuyu musician DJ Fatxo and initially dismissed as suicide.

The whistleblower, blogger Simon Mwangi Muthiora has unleashed fresh evidence that seem to discount the suicide version.

On his Telegram page, he shared a gory image that the Mugithi star allegedly circulated to several unnamed people two days after Jeff’s demise. Jeff’s body was on the ground floor of DJ Fatxo’s house after he fell from the 10th floor of the apartment.

In the photo, Jeff’s head was intact but with injuries all over, suggesting that it was taken before he was thrown out of the house.


In the picture that emerged after the fall, Jeff’s head had opened and almost everything in it had splashed on the floor.

By the time his body was found on the ground floor, DJ Fatxo was not in the house. He had left barely an hour earlier with three young women, leaving Jeff with two men in the house.

Seven minutes before his body was seen by CCTV cameras flying down, the men had been captured surveying the same spot it landed.