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DCI takes over the investigations on death of Jeff Mwathi

23-year-old Jeff Mwathi died after spending the night at the home of famous Kikuyu musician DJ Fatxo. Although he was reportedly in a good mood right before the supposed suicide, his loved ones are insisting that foul play may have been involved in his death rather than the suicide by jumping from the 10th floor of the Redwood apartments, as was reported.In an interview with Kururia TV, Jeff’s parents explained that when they could not contact him, they called DJ Fatxo to see if he knew where Jeff was.


DJ Fatxo became enraged and ordered them to leave him alone until the cops arrived. Following that, they learned that Jeff had taken his own life.

The news that DJ Fatxo accidentally forwarded a graphic image of an injured Jeff to his contacts two days after Jeff’s death has also come to light. Two days after the story became viral, he began utilizing the “delete for everyone” feature on his phone, but by that point, most of the recipients had already saved the photo.

Kasarani police are currently looking into the incident. They want to know if Jeff committed suicide or was pushed to his death. The length of time Jeff and Fatxo knew each other is also a subject of inquiry.

Today, Interior cabinet secretary Kithure Kindiki has ordered the DCI to take over the investigations and ensure to bring to book anybody indicted in the death of Jeff.