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Church Elder arrested after woman he used to meet for prayers found dead


Police have confirmed the arrest of Mr. Christopher Kiptum Keter, 50, who claims to be a church elder, in connection with the death of Christine Makena Maingi, who was discovered dead on February 8 in Gatongora, Ruiru, Kiambu County.

A grandson of former Cabinet minister Njenga Karume was also summoned and released by police after call data from Makena’s phone revealed he was in continuous conversation with her prior to the murder.

Karume’s grandson, whose name police would not reveal, informed police yesterday that Makena was his girlfriend.

“Yes, we summoned the grandson of Njenga Karume for interrogation, who has openly told us that the deceased was his girlfriend and she last visited him on December 19 last year. He is a person of interest but we have found nothing so far to incriminate him in the murder, that is why I am not comfortable disclosing his name,” said detectives.

Karume’s grandson told police that between February 5 and 6 this year, he lost contact with Makena.

He was surprised when she would pick up his calls but disconnected almost immediately, with a promise to call back.

That was unusual, and he was worried, he said, especially because they had had no disagreements.

Police believe Makena was killed between February 6 and 7 since her body had started to decompose when it was found.