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Video of two dogs mating inside catholic church in front of priest in Brazil


Two cheeky puppies interrupted a church service in Brazil with their romantic antics after clambering on stage and play fighting – before one mounted the other in the middle of a Catholic priest’s sermon.


The hilarious moment was captured on film, and later shared by the priest who was left bemused by the gatecrashing dogs, along with his congregation.

Father Pierre MaurĂ­cio was conducting a service at the Santa Rita Church in the city of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais State, last month when the stray dogs broke in and stole the show.

As he attempted to speak about the role of the church during the carnival season, the dogs are seen making their way up to the front of the church.

Church members and officials remain still as the dogs happily jump up to where the priest was standing in front of the altar, and start to play around his feet.

Father Pierre tries to keep a straight face as the dogs get more boisterous, before one proceeds to hump the other in full view of the faithful.

The perplexed priest puts his hand on his head in disbelief at the cute pups’ inappropriate behaviour.

But the pastor couldn’t help but find the humour in the dogs’ display, and can be heard saying: ‘They haven’t been baptised yet, it’s not possible.’

As churchgoers chuckle, he continues: ‘What’s going on? Oh my God. Beloved Jesus. I’ve just realised that they haven’t been baptised.

‘My children, you can’t do that here. Go to the woods,’ he tells the playful pair.