A man of 60 years, Tom Ikonya,  is in distress after losing Ksh 700, 000 in just one week to a lady he met in a club.

Tom Ikonya had gone to a bar in Maragua town to celebrate a successful sale after selling an asset for Ksh 700,000.

Ikonya says he roughly drunk eight beers and paying Ksh 6,320. A woman who had joined the table stuck by his side and kept reminding him to be careful.

When the bar closed at 10.30 pm, Tom intended to get a room at the premises but the woman insisted she was going to host him. She appeared genuinely concerned about his welfare and he agreed to go to her house.

A friend tried to warn him but at this point she went ahead to kiss him over and over and the next thing he knew he was in her living room.

Tom daily routine included getting up, praying with the woman, taking a shower, eating breakfast, talking about various topics, travelling out to various bars, and returning home for the evening.

The woman then drew him a budget of Ksh 250, 000 to start his boiled meat business. She instructed him to withdraw Ksh 350,000.

On the fourth day the woman said she was looking for a business space and employees. She asked for Ksh 100,000 for license and 50,000 for emergency.

On the fifth day, Ikonya decided to withdraw in chunks at once since the many ATM withdrawals were tedious.

On the sixth day, they met at the bar. The woman gave him back his ATM card and a package containing his clothes. He kept ordering for drinks as he waited for her to come back since the phone was switched off.

In order to cater for the bill which was now at Ksh 3,100, he decided to rush to the ATM to withdraw some money.

It was at this point he discovered his balance was Ksh 8.78. He went straight to Maragua police station to report the incident having lost all he had.