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Touching Video of a Little Girl Crying at The Airport as She Refuses to Leave Her Granny For The UK, Ignites Reaction Online


A little girl bound for the United Kingdom has touched people after crying her eyes out as she parted ways with her granny at an airport in Ghana.

The video, which was recorded by her mum, melted hearts over the bond between the kid and her grandma.

At the airport, the girl clung to her teddy bear and refused to free herself from her grandmother’s embrace despite being told that they would see her again.

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In the TikTok video, her grandmother could be seen trying to comfort the kid, who wept uncontrollably.

Below are some of the reactions:

“Love is a beautiful thing, What I wouldn’t do to feel the love of my maternal grandmother right now.”

“I year like this I will be leaving and my mum will be happy and crying at the same time.”

“Genuine love…you need to take her grandmother up and surprise her.”

“Baby don’t cry stay with grandma I can go on ur behalf my friend go to uk u will take us later.