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Mubaba: Meet 22 Year-Old Chibalonza Who is Deep in Love And Pregnant For 88 Year Old Man


Chibalonza is 22 yrs old, however her heart went gaga for a man old enough to be her grandfather; 88-year-old Kasher Alphonse.

The man told Afrimax English that the two love and understand each other despite the 66-year age difference.

As per the sweethearts who have been together for quite a long time, they went gaga for one another and not ages.

Alphonse got married to his first spouse in 1954 when he was 24 years of age and went on to have seven children with her.

Following a very long while of being together, the wife died from old age, leaving the octogenarian crushed and desolate as his kids had grown up and left home. Given his old age.

Alphonse struggled to do the vast majority of things for himself, so he looked for somebody who might offer the truly necessary assistance.

He was fortunate to meet Chibalonza, who was 20 years of age by then however willing to be his wife.

We are not officially married but I’ve done a traditional wedding with her. I even took a crate of beer and a live goat to her family,” he said.