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Pastor Loses His Cool, Manhandles Women During Service ( VIDEO


pastor in New York, US, who was earlier robbed of more than $1 million in jewellery, was caught on video manhandling a woman during his Sunday service.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead was preaching on the stage of the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries on Sunday when two women interrupted him.

As seen in the video, the pastor stood on stage repeatedly saying, “Let’s give Jesus a round of applause!” – before adding, “while they take pictures and they want to be with social media!”

He was reportedly referring to two women in the audience. Then, one of the women suddenly entered the frame, and he subsequently asked her to deliver the sermon instead.

However, when she tried to walk past the pulpit, Whitehead grabbed her by the neck and forced her out of the frame. He then resumed his sermon as if nothing had happened.

Whitehead and the woman, named Tarsha Howard, were initially taken into custody after the clash. But in the end, police released the pastor without any charge.

The pastor then posted a video on his Facebook page to clarify what had happened. He suggested that the woman was threatening his family.

“They came in videoing, and it was a whole set-up. That’s when I took action, and I grabbed the young woman and I escorted her out. I am a gentleman, I am pro-woman.,” he said.

“I’m going to protect my family. No one is going to come at my family, and no one is going to hurt my family ever again,” he said in the Facebook livestream.