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Class Seven Pupil Commits Suicide Over Poor Performance


A sombre mood engulfed Lobei village near Robert Junction on the outskirts of Lodwar town on Thursday after a Class Seven pupil reportedly hanged himself.

Ms Dorcas Asmit, the mother, said the 13-year-old pupil at Harmony Academy, hanged himself in the house after she had inquired about his second term performance.

Ms Asmit said that as a norm, she asked him to show her the report card because they had closed the school on Wednesday.

“I established that he scored 198 marks, which were low as compared to previous results of between 230 and 250. I asked him why he was dropping and told him to do better next term. I then left to visit his grandmother in the neighbourhood,” she said at her home.

The fifth born in a family of seven is said to have gone inside the house quietly. Sharon Achemee, who is the third born, said that they realised all was not well at around 7 pm when she needed something in the house and the door was locked from inside.

Achemee said that she had joked with her brother before she embarked on preparing supper. She thought it was a joke that he had closed the door as a punishment.

“I ordered him to open the door or I break in to cane him. Peeping through the window, I saw him dangling from the roof,” she recalled.

Ms Silvia Akuom, a neighbour, said that wailing attracted her to the compound where they organised how to open the door with hopes that he may be rescued alive.