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VIDEO: How Ndeiya Brothers Were Brutally Murdered


The Family of two brothers from Ndeiya village in limuri is seeking justice for their children who were brutally murdered in unclear circumstances.

According to witnesses, the two brothers left their home on Sunday evening and went to Joska town to watch a football game. After watching the match, a melee was ensured at the said joint where they were watching.

The two were forced to sneak out only for a gang of men to chase them and started beating them. According to initial reports, the two had fallen out with the management of the entertainment joint. The security reportedly called on them BodaBoda riders who pounced on near Joska Bridge. They were badly beaten by the BodaBoda guys and left to die.

They were rushed to the hospital but died before they could be attended to. The family is now asking the government to arrest the BodaBoda Killers.