Sean Bridon accident is what a lot of you out there are curious about. He shared some photos on his Facebook wall not long ago, giving an update on an accident that occurred.
Many think he was the one that was involved in an accident.
Actually, it wasn’t Sean Bridon.
It was Comedian Nzengue that was involved in the accident. Sean Bridon is Nzengue’s manager, so he only shared the updates with fans so that they can remember Nzengue in their prayers.
“Your brother NZENGUE and his family had a very serious accident but thank God everyone is doing well. God has saved them 🙏 PRAY for them 🙏”, Sean posted.
Nzengue was travelling with his family members when the accident happened. His family members suffered some minor injuries, but he came out unscathed.
His family members have since been admitted at the hospital.
Photos shared by Sean Bridon sees Nzengue paying a visit to his family members: