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Sad: Here is Why A Form Three Female Student of A Top Secondary School Was Beheaded, Culprit Confess


A young female student from Baringo County is said to have been killed by a man who was later on taken into custody.

Rachel Chepkwony, who was a Form Three student at the Seretunin Day School died on Wednesday at Kaptalam village, that is found within Ewalel location.

The area chief said that the suspect was taken into custody later on at Sogon village in Baringo Central where he is said to have been looking for directions back home.

The man was also found in possession of the machete that he had used to behead the young girl who was still a student at the high school in the area.

The suspect, upon interrogation confessed that he had no intention of killing the young girl as he was looking for her mother.

Upon not finding the mother of the child, is when he decided to take the life of the young girl who is a student at the school in the neighborhood.

The Directorate of Criminal and Investigations Baringo Central senior officer known as Joseph Chege confirmed that the suspect was in their custody and was awaiting to be arraigned in a court of law.