A chief from Nakuru was on Friday caught red-handed eating the ‘forbidden fruit’ of a primary school teacher behind classrooms.

Area chief popularly known as ‘Kakusu’, was said to have been eyeing on the teacher who heads a high-performing primary school in Nakuru.

The government official was seen jumping off the school’s fence, which is adjacent to his office. According to eyewitness he thought the chief was going after his duties in the school.

At a far distance, I could see two people leaning on classroom walls,” he said.

Further adding that their closeness from a far distance prompted him to get closer to the school because it was in the evening and schools had been closed.

Upon his arrival lowed to enter the school compound. I could not imagine finding the area chief and the school head stuck,” he said.

Adding that upon his arrival the two love birds had hit the ground while trying to separate.

The two pleaded for help after he got to the scene “Nisamehe. Watu watatupata hapa. Niokoeni,” the chief pleaded.

Bodaboda operators arrived immediately, but it turned out that several of them knew the two love birds’ families.

Another eyewitness disclosed that one of the operators was heard saying that he once ferried the head teacher’s husband to a witch doctor whom he suspected he locked his marriage.

The two were separated after the head teacher’s husband arrived at the scene and informed the notorious traditional herbalist Dr Ndumba Wa Ndumba, who separated the love birds after he unchained a pencil-shaped stick.