Daring gunmen were captured on CCTV carrying out a raid on the Lang’ata estate in Nairobi in broad daylight on Thursday, August 4.

In a video clip circulating online, the assailants were caught with firearms walking into a nightlife at around 6:20 p.m.

One of the gunmen ordered the revelers gathered outside the entertainment district to hand over their belongings.

Cornered by the threats, the two men were seen handing out their phones and wallets to one of the attackers, while the other stood guard to make sure no one left or entered the joint.

As they smoothly looted the two men, one of the attackers blocked another person from sneaking out of the entertainment district.

After carrying out the robbery, the two thugs were captured as they ran away without being noticed.

To make sure the revelers cooperate, one of the assailants pointed a gun at the two men to make sure they remained calm until they disappeared.

Despite calls from TSWT to arrest the two, police have yet to comment on the incident.

This comes just a month after two robbers shot and killed two traders in the Adams Arcade market in Nairobi province.

The armed robbers had targeted mobile money agents in the market, though their plans were disrupted by a female merchant who tried to fend them off.

The shop owner was about to leave when the gunmen posed as customers before opening fire on her and killing her on the spot.

After an investigation, the director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti, unmasked one of the robbers involved in the incident.

CCTV footage of armed robbers approaching a trader at Adams Market, Nairobi County
CCTV footage of armed robbers approaching a trader at Adams Market, Nairobi County