A shocking incident happened in Tuigoin area in Cherang’any, Trans Nzoia County, after a newborn baby was discovered dumped in a pit latrine.

According to police reports a 16-year-old student at AIC Kiptenden Secondary School just after delivery dumped the baby in the pit.

Gilbert Chepsiror Kibuswo sub-location Assistant Chief stated that the baby boy was rescued and rushed to Cherang’any sub-county hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Adding that the girl is also at the same hospital where she is being attended to.

“I received a call from one of my village elders that a young girl had delivered at her parents’ home and dumped her baby in a pit latrine. I rushed there and we rescued the baby who is being attended to at the hospital,” Chepsiror said.

“The girl was also taken to hospital to receive treatment after she developed some complications. Both of them are in stable condition,”he said.

The mother of the girl has since been arrested for allegedly assisting her daughter to get rid of the baby.

“I informed the police of the incident, they came here and the mother of the girl has been arrested. The 70-year-old woman and her daughter will be arraigned in court for committing the offence of attempted infanticide,” Chepsiror added.