A grisly accident involving a vehicle carrying a well-known Kamba musicians band team reportedly happened today in Kitui County.

Bissan which was ferrying the Kithungo Raha band which is usually associated with the Kamba Musician Alphonse Kioko aka “Maima” has been involved in a terrifying road accident at Kwa Vonza in Kitui.

The journey of the band team whose real numbers have not yet been established was cut short after

According to reports the Nissan which the band team boarded lost control and overturned along the busy road.

Several people have been injured and rushed to Kitui Level 4 Hospital for treatment.

However, the band owner Maima was not however present in the event of the accident.

The photos of the wrecked overturned vehicle laying beside the road has circulated online as some residents watch the accident scene in disbelief.