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Sheebah – Mukama Yamba [Video Download]


Sheebah – Mukama Yamba [Mp3 Download].


Sheebah – Mukama Yamba [Video Download]

Former Team No Sleep songstress Sheebah Karungi has come out of her silence and broken the ice with her brand new song called Mukama Yamba (God help) as she goes gospel. This is her first ever song since she left her TNS management under Jeff Kiwanuka aka Jeff Kiwa.

Mukama Yamanba fresh gospel song is clearly an emotional song where the singer talks about real life, the hiccups people meet in life. More so, Sheebah stresses that she is not at war with anyone despite ‘them’ putting her at one.

Sheebah - Mukama Yamba

In the same Mukama Yamba song, she says, God is the giver of money, he protects us from evil. She goes on to say that even diseases are too much in this World, and she asks God to help people to go back to him. And this leaves us with a question, is Sheebah changing the guns and now pointing them at doing only gospel music? Your guess may be as good as ours.

Daddy Andre is the producer of Mukama Yamba song and it is a dancehall gospel since we all know Sheebah does only that genre very perfectly more than other genres. This song will put her to a test and a weighing scale to see whether she will be able to push her music with her former management.

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