The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party head Raila Odinga has broken the ranks and exposed what Deputy President William Ruto has allegedly planned to jeopardize President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee government before 2018 famous handshake (Uhuru and Raila).

Addressing thousands of Azimio la Umoja allied leaders from Mt Kenya region at Mt Kenya University, Raila revealed that the second in command DP Ruto had allegedly planned to sabotage various jubilee development agenda for the sake of advancing his (DP Ruto) political bonga point ahead of the 9th August 2022.

“He (DP Ruto) had planned to sabotage President Uhuru Kenyatta’s development plans to Kenyans at the expense of seeking political bonga points for his presidential bid of 9th August election. And for the sake of re-installing peace that had been suspended, we sat on a round table for handshake talks that even heightened the development projects across the country. Anyone with eyes can see what we have achieved together for our people” Raila Odinga said.

Raila also chest thumbed for having managed to climb the mountain despite the streams of criticisms from Deputy President William Ruto’s allies over his (Raila) alleged incapability of wooing Mt Kenya voters to endorse his presidential ambition.

“And some people were saying that Raila Odinga can’t climb the mountain, have I not climbed the mountain? I have the truck (Tinga) to climb the mountain and they have a wheelbarrow. Who do you think will make it to the top of the mountain?” Raila added.

He also pointed a blame finger at Meru Senator Mithika Linturi for allegedly devising plans to rant tribal violence over the “Madoadoa” remarks. He urged electorates to vote out leaders who are prone of rooting for violence among the tribes.

“You saw the other day Meru Senator Mithika Linturi calling other tribes as Madoadoa. This is unpalatable and unwelcomed sentiments during this electioneering period. Every Kenyan should stay anyway regardless of the political affiliation” Bitter Raila Odinga stated.