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See What Happened To This Lady After Sleeping With Manager For A Job

Consider the topic of work in South Africa in the day we all live. It’s no secret that many managers/parents today abuse their power behind closed doors and give most of the job opportunities to relatives. Friends even sleep with people in exchange for work.

Many parents have managed to do this for some time, which is not good news, especially for those who have nothing to offer.

But anyway, many people say that nothing is hidden forever. Secrets are like the sun, they always appear no matter what. As we’re talking about here, there’s been some chatter on social media lately in the form of screenshots showing what happened between a certain manager and a female job seeker.

Please take a quick look at what’s going on between the two screenshots attached below.

Looks like things are turning around for that woman, that’s bad right? That’s life my friend

Now if you take a good look at the situation, the manager also made a mistake when he did this to the woman, in fact the woman was at fault once too, no matter how desperate she was. What he demanded just to get her the job was bad and totally unfair to her as a job seeker.

So if everything turns out as you see it, as you can see in the screenshot, who do you think is to blame here? The man or the woman? Are you even accusing men of not wanting to get involved in the pregnancy? Please share some of your views on the situation in the comments section below