Home News Almasi Machachari Disowns His Indian Gay Boyfriend

Almasi Machachari Disowns His Indian Gay Boyfriend


Ian Nene has come out to disown Indian gay lover whom he had introduced as his husband and posed together in several romantic photos.

Nene, popularly known as Almasi on Citizen TV’s Machachari show, has been making headlines thanks to his sexuality.

The actor was first rumored to be gay about four years ago because of his bold and brazen fashion statements which many many Kenyans find puzzling based on their conservative upbringing.

Last year Nene was seen posing with an Indian man in romantic posture sparking rumors that the two were an item.

“My personal opinion is as long as you are not harming anyone and as long as you are doing your own thing. As long as you are expressing yourself in proper, clean fashion then all is good. I am not just out here to sexually please myself. This is because I have learnt that its also temporary and that you can try so hard to please yourself in that kind of passion but it leads you nowhere,” wrote Ian Nene last year while addressing his sexuality.

The former Citizen TV actor recently introduced the Indian man as his husband but he quickly retracted his statement.

He clarified that he was not a member of the LGBT community and that the Indian was his cultural teacher and not his husband.

“Hello family. I want to make a public apology for the two previous posts. One of the people running my affairs of my page posted stories not true.
1 Am not a membeer of LGBT community
2 the photo went viral was my Indian cultural teacher and not my husband
3 the photo of the Indians in the picture are nothing but friends.
I decided to remove the author who wrote the two posts for tarnishing my images. Anyaway all is good now. I will let everyone know my net move whether I will come to Kenya or Not,” wrote Ian Nene.