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Gaz Fabilouss – Salaire [Mp3 Download]


Gaz Fabilouss – Salaire [Official Video Download].

Gaz Fabilouss – Salaire [Mp3 Audio Download]

Rapper Gaz Fabilous has unveiled his Ep (extended play) “Young Courageous” which has 4 tracks. This work is already available on all legal download platforms.

Two months after the success of his song “Aye” produced in collaboration with Koffi Olomidé, Gaz Fabilous is back on the Congolese and international musical hit in his new project Jeune courieuse which contains in addition to Aye, Salaire, Love story feat Hamisa Mobetto and Mwasi nzambe feat Mahustler. Currently, there are no clips available for these three new titles.

In the meantime, you can discover the clip of the song Aye on the rapper’s YouTube channel, which already has more than 1.5 million views by clicking here.

Jeune Courageux

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Gaz Fabilouss – SALAIRE (Clip officiel)