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‘Kwani Ni Rais’ Eric Omondi’s Men In Black Surprises Kenyans


Eric Omondi was born in Siala, Kisumu County. He is a stand-up comedian.He is a second Born in family of four siblings; namely Fred Omondi (comedian) Rose Omondi (younger sister) and the late Joseph Onyango Omondi. Other sibling are Irene Omondi and Pollate Omondi.

Eric Omondi is best known for his comedy making him popular in not only in Kenya or Africa as a continent but in the whole world.Eric Omondi is an award winning comedian who has been flying high the Kenyan flag as far as the comedy industry is concerned hence earning him the title ‘The president of comedy in Africa’.

In the year 2020,he was crowned the comedian of the year for the third time in a row by African entertainment awards.Recently,Omondi held one of the biggest shows in Tanzania which earned him a lot of money.

The Kenyan comedian has posted a photo today with a very tight security,a thing which has sparked mixed reactios from different Kenyans as well as his fans.Some Kenyans have congratulated him for doing great work while others have shown their concerns about his men in black.

Below are mixed reactions from different Kenyans.