Grand P and artist Eudoxie Yao have reportedly broken up after the latter accused the former of frequently cheating on her with several women.

While announcing the news of their break up, Eudoxie Yao wrote in her social media  that she was moving on since her relationship with Grand P was over.

“Good evening… I inform you that my relationship with Grand P is over. I’m moving on. Thanks,” Eudoxie announced earlier on Saturday without sharing much details on the same.

It is reported that Grand P was accused of cheating on many occasions with shared images showing Grand P in ungodly positions with other women. As a result, Eudoxie Yao seems to have had enough after complaining severally.

According to thriller news online, Grand P is a 31 year old popular Guinean singer, actor, social media personality, and politician. He is one of the most celebrated music icons in Guinea due to his ability to create a mark in the Guinean entertainment industry despite having a major genetic problem.

Their breakup comes at a time when the public was expecting a wedding from them in the coming days.

Grand P is said to have been born with a rare genetic disease called progeria. Which means he starts aging right from birth. His health condition limits his height, but the Guinean born star is not dissuaded by his health issue. He is living the dream that many people desire, thanks to his success in the entertainment industry.

Grand P is one unique “small” man and a famous figure that most of you who love social media might have come across on many occasions.

For those who have encountered the celebrity in his social media handles, one thing that one notices is the plus sized beauty that is usually around him.

The musician has been trolled and gained popularity around the world due to his relationship with African Kim Kardashian (Eudoxie Yao) from Ivory Coast.

At some point, the celebrity whose real name is Moussa Sandiana declared that he would run for president in the recently concluded Guinean general elections.

Through his Facebook post, Grand P wrote: “I declare my candidacy for the 2020 presidential election in Guinea. May God bless Guinea.”

Sources around the celebrity revealed that he was to form a new political party which would be named Amour Consideration et Unite meaning “Love, Consideration, and Unity”.

On her side, Eudoxie Yao assured that she would fully support the future husband and be his campaign manager.

“I will be in Guinea with my [future] husband Grand P, the next president of Guinea. I will run his campaign,” Said Eudoxie Yao.

“Full support for my husband Grand P, the future president of the Republic of Guinea,” She added on her Instagram.

The woman admitted to have tried contesting as president in Ivory Coast but her candidacy was rejected.

“My candidacy for the presidential election of Cote d’Ivoire has been rejected, but I do not despair. See you in 2025 for my candidacy. Even if I am not President of Cote d’Ivoire, I can be the First Lady of Guinea. I believe in it,” she said.

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