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New Details Emerge As Barnaba, Father To Kangogo Finally Reveals What Happened To Her Daughter


Father to the late Caroline Kangogo has finally revealed what happened to her daughter. Barnaba Kibor said that he killed herself contrary to what people are saying.

Addressing the press while at his home in Nyawa town Elgeyo Marakwet on Sunday, July 18, the dad provoked anybody of opposite assessment to introduce realities.

Reports had been flooded that there was unfairness in her demise with some contending that she may have been killed prior to being unloaded at her folks’ home.

Kibor, in any case, noticed that the way in which her body was found didn’t uphold a hypothesis that she was killed by another person.

“I don’t need individuals’ judgment asserting that she may have been killed. Assuming there would anyone say anyone is one who realizes that she was killed, where did it occur?

“They can introduce themselves and advise us since what I saw was that she committed suicide as per how we discovered her body,” clarified the dad, a previous cop.

Following her last minutes, Kibor further noticed that she was dropped home by a boda rider the evening of Thursday, July 15, at around 10 pm.

She then, at that point continued to secure herself in the patio washroom prior to ending her own life.

“The adolescent didn’t realize that (his traveler) was my girl. He just brought her as a customary traveler and dropped her along the street outside the house, around 50 meters from the home.

“In the event that the projectile had been shot from the front to the back, the blood would have scattered on the back divider however it was shot from the side. She didn’t utilize her left hand, she is correct given for everything,” he added.

He noticed that the restroom entryway had been locked from within questioning the chance of that incident in a homicide circumstance.

Kibor further noticed that he was unable to determine whether the instant messages that were making adjusts via web-based media stages had been composed by Kangogo since a sim card was not found in the telephone before it was taken by the police.

“There is nobody who has affirmed that it is my girl who killed the people in question. Had we tracked down her alive, she might have explained if and why she killed them,” he closed.

The outlaw is accepted to have shot herself dead after her body was recuperated on Friday morning, July 16.

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