Usini Wa Yolotani by Stephen Kasolo [Official Video Download].


Stephen Kasolo – Usini Wa Yolotani [Mp3 Audio Download]

Stephen Kasolo has several times been voted as the best young gospel singer, artiste and dancer in Eastern region.

The young gospel ‘Kitole’ hit maker has also won several awards because of his singing and music talent.

The artist says he is a living symbol and testimony of God’s miracles and blessings.

Kasolo states that God picked him from dust to the fame he enjoys today.

The Kamba gospel singer says he has endured hardship to reach where he is.

Born on January 26, 1994, the gospel singer and artist lost his both parents at a tender age.

Kasolo also lost his only sister while his brother developed mental problems.

The artist says he was left in the world alone with no one to run to.

Kasolo describes his childhood life and schooling as most challenging.

“I lost hope, regretted why I was born and cursed myself for what I was going through,” the artist said in an interview recently.

Despite the challenges, Kasolo says he did not give up on God and was adopted and taken to school.

To describe what he went through, the singer composed the ‘Yamekuwa Machungu’ song which is and enjoys airplay.

Kasolo studied at the Nzukuni Primary School and later proceeded to Katulani Boys High school in 2008.

In 2015, Kasolo enrolled for Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism at the Multi-Media University and is expected to graduate later this year.

Kasolo says his singing passion and talent began while he was young.

“I used to sing in Sunday school and would lead school choirs in both primary and secondary schools,” he said.

Kasolo’s gospel music fame came when he released and launched ‘Kitole’ Album in 2013.

The ‘Kitole’ song became an instant hit and saw him being voted as the best gospel singer in Eastern region in 2014.

The ‘Kitole’ song has enjoyed airplay, especially on local Kamba FM stations.

Kasolo says that he has reached where he is because of prayers.

“God exists and Miracle exists too,” Kasolo says, adding that his focus is to serve God through singing.

Apart from the Kitole Album, the gospel singer has also released mother Albums.

The singer has also done ‘collabos’ with big gospel names like Rose Muhando.

He wants young people to discover their talents and use them to serve God.