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Breeder LW Ft Rekles & Abbas Kubaff – Makanga [Mp3 Download]


Breeder LW – Makanga Ft Rekles & Abbas Kubaff [Video Download].

Breeder LW Ft Rekles & Abbas Kubaff – Makanga [Mp3 Download]

This rap studio album is the project that has surely made Breeder LW stand out there from the rest of the other rappers in the industry proving that he’s here to stay, have a good time, and dominate.

The album is well compiled with stellar artistes being a part of it making sure every person is catered for in the album.

The official cover art for Breeder LW's 'Bazenga Mentality' studio album. Photo credit: Instagram/breeder_lw
The official cover art for Breeder LW’s ‘Bazenga Mentality’ studio album. Photo credit: Instagram/breeder_lw

This is the type of album that you can comfortably listen to with your family, your friends, even your partner.

There isn’t a lot of cussing in the project, it’s predominantly bars upon bars, metaphors that make you scratch the back of your head, some couple of lines that make you rethink your life, a song that you can dedicate to the love of your life, and the best thing above everything else in the project is that it motivates you to make money, be a better person in life and believe in yourself even if nobody else believes in you or whatever you’re trying to do to succeed in life.

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From making an entrance in the music industry a few years ago when Biggest Kaka predicted he was going to be huge in the music industry, Breeder LW has lived up to the expectation and then some.

The ‘Bazenga Mentality’ is a follow-up studio project from his 2018 ‘Kabla Kuosa’ studio project that introduced him officially to the hip hop scene.

After streaming his latest body of work, there’s no way you can hate him. Even if you were a hater of Breeder LW before listening to the ‘Bazenga Mentality’, it’s certain you will become an instant stan after streaming the 15-tracks studio project to its entirety.

On the ‘Bazenga Mentality’ studio album, the Tough Klan[TK] Records’s representing rapper features Masauti, Boutross, Domani Munga, Young Killer Msodoki, Fena Gitu, Ssaru, Odi Murang’a, Maandy, Rekles, Abbas Kubaff.

Here’s the official track for the ‘Bazenga Mentality’;

1. Bado Tunasonga(Intro)
2. Boss Ofkos featuring Boutross
3. Hakuna Chorus
4. Bio na Chem
5. Makanga featuring Rekles, Abbas Kubaff
6. Down 4 Real featuring Young Killer Msodoki
7. Real Ones featuring Fena Gitu
8. Hey Miss
9. Dropzone featuring Domani Munga
10. Bei Imepanda featruing Ssaru
11. Up Deh
12. Ashaanza Kudance featuring Odi wa Murang’a, Maandy
13. Nipe Love featuring Masauti
14. Si Ni TK
15. One And Only

The official tracklist and back cover art for 'Bazenga Mentality' by Breeder LW. Photo credit: Instagram/breeder_lw
The official tracklist and back cover art for ‘Bazenga Mentality’ by Breeder LW. Photo credit: Instagram/breeder_lw

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with this incredible group of creatives on this album… Definitely one for the books🔥🔥 Massive thanks to each and every one of you🙏🏾, ” Breeder LW took to social media to thank each and everyone who worked with him on his stellar project saying how grateful he is to have worked with each one of them.

“While Breeder LW is an undeniably captivating rapper, he also will bowl you over with his lyricism.

The ‘Bazenga Mentality’ proves he is a solid, dependable writer somewhat reliant on his ability to sound comfortable in any setting and sound, and he impresses with his charisma and the sheer command of his lyrics.

But his pivot toward interiority gives his songs a new dimension. His bars are simple, straightforward, and can occasionally lean toward fortune cookie wisdom, but throughout the album, he seems to be growing more secure in himself,” the ‘Bazenga Mentality’s preface written on the Boomplay DSP is so very true!

Stream the official ‘Bazenga Mentality’ by Breeder LW below on your preferred Digital Streaming Platform/s: