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Franco Wasubu – Babie Shantel [Mp3 Download]


Franco Wasubu – Babie Shantel [Official Video Download].

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Franco Wasubu – Babie Shantel [Mp3 Audio Download]

Francis Mwangi, alias Franco Wasubu, is also another star who takes pride in being associated with Subukia, so much so that he included the name of the place on his stage name, Wa-Subu.

“I was born in Wanyororo B area and started singing in 2010 when it was part of Subukia Constituency. The village is now in Bahati after the constituency was split into two,” says Wasubu.

Wasubu is popular for his hit songs Wendo Wa OCS (In love with OCS) and Isabella. He recently released a new album named Ndia ngurie (Hurt me I hurt you).