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Eddie Gathenge – Wendo Magnet (Mutumumu) Mp3 Download


Eddie Gathenge – Wendo Magnet (Mutumumu) Video Download.

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Eddie Gathenge – Wendo Magnet (Mutumumu) Mp3 Download

Mugithi hitmaker Eddie Gathenge just dropped another dubbed “Wendo Magnet”.

Mugithi artist Eddie Gathenge skipped form 3 thanks to his indiscipline tendencies that almost made him drop out of school altogether.

Gathenge who hails from Kiharu, Murang’a county had joined Murang’a high school.however he is the third born in a family of 5 became suspended whilst in form two due to indiscipline.

He stayed out of school for an entire year before joining Kiangoci Secondary school in Murang’a wherein in first term at form 3 he was among students who beat up the head boy.

His famous songs include “Matuini Ni Gwitu” and “Ciahoha”. Gathenge stated that he became expelled once more and spent some other year at home doing menial jobs and; “smoking illegal stuff. i used to be reckless and cared much less” Gathenge revealed at some point of in an interview with Hungura show on Youtube.

After an entire year out of school he rejoined the school after he apologised to his father and promised to behave.

He joined form 4 however paid the entire fees for the form 3 to permit him bypass that academic year.

He scored B+ and joined Kenyatta University.

Gathenge who is a Gynecologists by profession, deals with women privates parts. Infact Gathenge said that he just loves women and maybe it was the inspiration behind his profession.

Dr Gathenege almost burst into tears after emotionally narrating how, her girlfriend Jane left him for another girl called Njeri. Gathenge wonders why she had to leave him for another girl. He even recorded a song dubbed NINDARWARIRE (YOU MADE ME SICK).

Gathenge said that his fans shouldn’t shy away from seeking his medical services insisting that as a medical profession, he is guided by Patient-Doctor confidentiality.