My sister we’ll call her Jennifer had wrecked my life. She had severe autism, down syndrome,
epilepsy, partial deafness, sleep disorder, and would never grow out of the mind of a 2-year-old.She was four when my twin and I were born, and my twin had been born with major medical
issues as well. My parents handed me off to a nurse while they spent all the time they could with my twin. When we went home, Jennifer didn’t know what to do with us. I was pushed, beaten, kicked, and once Jennifer threw me down the stairs. My twin was fine since she was all they cared about. When I was four, Jennifer would scream, kick and cry all day, and my parents didn’t know what to do.

This caused my parents to turn to drinking, and they were alcoholics for years. They thankfully
stopped drinking and used the money instead for their depression medication. This lasted until I was 11 years old. Jennifer would go to a school where all the kids have severe disabilities, and it is one of the scariest places I had ever gone. My mother was the president of the PTA and would force me to go to the school to show our support. When she went away to act like mzee Jomo, kids would hurt me. She would tell me it’s my fault. It’s always my fault. When she wasn’t at the school she was sleeping or on the couch because Jennifer would kick and never sleep in the middle of the night. I could never get sleep because she would be screaming all night.

I would use food for comfort, so I was quite a large kid. I was alone every day at school because no one wanted to be friends with a fat girl. Around this time Jennifer started to not only scream but vomit back her food as well, we later found out she did this for attention. Anytime she ate 10 minutes later it would be all over the floor. My grandma would babysit me and my sisters, and spend time with us by making us do chores and hitting us and Jennifer if we didn’t comply. All the money we have gone to my twin’s medical treatment, Jennifer’s medical treatment, and her retirement fund. I have never spent time with my parents because they are doing everything
for Jennifer because they say she needs to have a better quality of life. They take Jennifer for hours at a time to parks, pools, hanging out with her “friends”, and on shopping sprees.

I am in university at Mt. Kenya University right now, and this story is all over the place, during
this time I realized that my parents wanted a divorce, my twin had tumors in her liver that could be cancerous, and Jennifer was having way more seizures than usual. I lost 60 lbs in 5 months, and I had given up. I was right, people did notice me, and this had made me realize that people are very, very shallow.

Being and Akamba by tribe and a Christian, I come from a very conservative family but I always felt the urge to do something maybe I could help out with the situation. My parents were never impressed with what I do despite being top of my class, and an amazing tennis player. Any way long story short, my best friend at school showed me a website for Kiwanga Doctors and told me about their healing powers. Being a University student with a catholic background, I doubted at first but eventually I decided to make a move. First I emailed them through but then changed my mind and decided to just call them on

On consulting Kiwanga Doctors, I was told about the misfortune and bad luck that had been cursed on my family and I knew something had to change. Thank God I was helped with a spell that would undo all the misfortune and bad luck on my family. On going back home I received good news that my sister had qualified for a help by a German surgeon who could do surgery to clear her condition. I knew Kiwanga Doctors had not lied to me and the spell had actually worked. My sister underwent the surgery a two weeks ago and am glad that she is recovering steadily. All I can say is thank you Kiwanga Doctors for your spells that saved my family.

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