I regularly third-wheeled with my friend (Tom) and his girlfriend(Wendy). We would go out for
drinks all the time. The 3 of usually got along really well and always had a good time together. A few weeks ago, my friend’s girlfriend started oddly asking me to hangout without her boyfriend though it wasn’t ever blatant. She would ask if I’m trying to go out on the weekend and then when I asked if my friend is going she would say that he’s busy with work or spending time with family etc. I would then follow up and ask if someone else would be there because I would decline if it was just us two and she would always say yes.

Anyway, maybe 2 months ago I went and was hanging out with her and her other friend and my friend is aware. We go to a few bars. At the bars, its packed and while we walk through the
crowd she grabs my hand. I thought this was weird but then maybe thought she just wanted me to guide her through the crowd. After the bars, we ended up at Wendy’s apartment. She lived by herself to my notice. At her apartment, she starts trying to sit on my lap. This happened twice and I physically pushed her off twice. It was late and I call an uber so as I could leave making sure nothing happened.

Fast forward to this past weekend, she again invited me to hangout. I asked if my friend was
coming and she says no but that her other friend (Claire) was coming. When I met up with them, I asked if she had told her boyfriend that I was hanging out with her and she says “yeah!”. I later find out she did not. We’re all drinking and again, she tries to hold my hand as we walk through the crowded bars. After the bars we all hop in an uber and start heading back to her apartment. In the cab she keeps putting her hand my thigh and I keep, literally, picking her hand up and throwing it off of me.

However I’m pretty drunk at this point as we had been taking shots of Uganda Waragi, bond 7 and Konyagi. We get back to the apartment and we continue from where we left off in the bar, she starts feeding me shots. The whole night I was flirting with her friend Claire and at the apartment her and I started getting really touchy. All of a sudden, Wendy calls Claire to the other side of the apartment and says something to her but I couldn’t hear a thing as the music was blasting within the apartment and I was high as a kite.

The next thing you know, Claire come to where I was laying, pecks me on the left cheek and says “bye” and leaves. At this point I’m nearly blackout drunk. Wendy then walks straight to, asks if I want another shot, then jumps on top of me and starts kissing me all over. I don’t know what temptation took me over and all of sudden my hands are holding her by the waist and trying to find my way up her shot black skirt. We were both drunk but I could feel our movements were swift, she then started to undress and I don’t clearly remember what happened next but I was certain we ended up sleeping together.

Next morning, I woke up before she did and that when reality hit me straight in the face and
realized the mess I had created. Some notes, this girl was the opposite of my type and I was not even attracted to her physically. I felt like she took advantage of me. A day later, I get a text on form her calling me her new boyfriend. I couldn’t take it that she had turned to this kind of person all of a sudden. I talked to her that it was a mistake and had to stop pretending but my please fell on deaf ears.

It was so bugging and I felt I was losing my life that I started avoiding my friends and also
staying away from parties. I have an auntie who is a bit older but more friendly and so I decided
to share with her my problems. She referred me to kiwanga Doctors and told me to give them a
call if I wanted Wendy out of my life. I didn’t think otherwise so I dialed the number and had my appointment made. I met the doctors on the agreed time and I was told the separation and
forget me spell would deter her attention from me. I was relieve as this was possible so pretty
soon, the spell was released and I left.

A day after I had an appointment with Kiwanga doctors, I realize Wendy had blocked me on all
social media and messaging apps. There was a party the next Friday and when I slowed up, I
found out that she had managed to get back with my friend Tom. All I could say to her was that I wanted the best for you and she couldn’t even reply me. Thank you Kiwanga Doctors for saving my friendship with my best friend and also saving me the shame.

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