My name is Shalimar, I am a light skin Arab African, growing up in Naivasha that used to get me into a lot of trouble. A lot of the other kids in my neighborhood hated me only because of my skin tone lighter than they were, and I was bullied a lot, but it was something that I’d gotten used to.

When I was ten years old, I was told that we were moving to Eldoret. My dad was working in Kenya Airways, and we often moved, so I was used to it. But this time, he sent me to a family friend’s house in order to finish the school year, and then I would join him at the new station. Let’s call this woman, Samantha. Samantha was a single mom of three and had known my dad for a long time. Samantha had offered to watch me for the next few months until school was over. I was okay with that because her son was my friend, and her two older girls seemed pretty nice. Pretty nice… that’s funny now.

To put things into context, Samantha’s two girls, we will call them Sharon and Zawadi were 17 and 18 years old. They liked to sneak out at night and roam the city. It was Eldoret, and things could get dangerous at night, but they would always sneak out after dark and want to drag me with them. Samantha worked double shifts and was hardly ever home. I am sure my dad didn’t know this, because if he did, then he wouldn’t have let me stayed there. Anyways…

One night, Sharon and Zawadi were talking with their friends about how they could make some extra money. They were hanging out with their older friends, and I was simply there because they were supposed to be watching me. There were four other men and two other girls with them. So, including myself, there were nine people total, sitting in the attic of the house talking. Sharon and Zawadi continued smoking, drinking beer, and talking about making more money to buy weed. Then one of the guys said how about her, pointing at me. He told them he would give them ksh5000 to take me into the other room. They didn’t even hesitate, and just agreed and told me to do whatever he said, or they would make me sorry. I was scared, but the guy took me by the hand and led me to the other room.

Alone in the room, there was only a bed and a TV. The boy, who looked like he went to university, sat me down on the bed and came next to me. He told me that my skin was so pretty and that he had a weakness for light skin girls. I was only ten. He laid me down, telling me that he would be as gentle as possible, but this was going to hurt a bit. Then he took off my shorts, bra, and shirt, leaving me naked on
the bed. I saw his hand jerking himself off as he stared at me, then when he was hard, he shoved two fingers inside of me. I remember tearing up because of the pain. But he told me that this would make it easier for when he entered me.

The guy pulled his pants and underwear off and spread my legs. He slid his penis inside me slowly. I started to cry as he went deeper inside me and moved in and out. I was embarrassed and just laid there until he finished. But what was worse, I could hear Amber, Sharon, and the others giggling and listening while this was going on. When he was done, the man got up and left. Sharon and Amber used me to make money for them until my dad came to pick me up. When he saw me, he was horrified that I was so skinny and looked a mess, but Samantha convinced him that I had the flu and was recovering.

I told him what happened because I couldn’t stomach the pain i had gone through. The look on his face was terrifying because for a few months his little girl was whored out for cash. We reported the case to the authorities. However, to our surprise, the judge dismissed the case on unclear grounds and Sharon and Zawadi and their friends were let go on unclear grounds.

My father looked heartbroken, but because he knew many people he never gave up. He got the contact for Kiwanga doctors and we went to consult them. We got assurance that our case would be successful and we would get justice. Our lawyer filed for appeal after the final judgment was passed out.Fortunately all four of the culprits were charged and as I speak now are in prison serving their sentences.Thanks to Kiwanga Doctors for helping me get justice.

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