So, you went over to your boyfriend’s house last night, spent the night and come the next day, you are in full panic mode, because you suspect that you might have gotten pregnant. Or maybe you and your husband are expecting a child, but you are not really ready for it. Well, you are not alone. Unplanned pregnancies happen all the time. Let’s be honest, mistakes do happen. Unfortunately, most of the time, the situation is not put under control in time. So you end up getting responsibilities that you were not ready for.

Now, this happens because most of us are not in the know of what to do, when you find out that you are pregnant with an unwanted child. We consume weird, harmful things, with the aim of arbotion, but end up dead, or really sick. Plus for most of us, these pills like P2 and other contraceptives are so expensive, such that you are left with no option, but to have a child you didn’t plan for.

But not anymore, because today I will be sharing with you a way to get rid of any unplanned pregnancy. You could also use the method as a contraceptive. Now, this method is not only very effective, it is also very cheap and natural, so that no chemicals get into your body. It is called the pawpaw method of contraception. Yes, I am talking about that one pawpaw fruit that you know.

The pawpaw method of contraception is highly practiced. This is because it does not induce permanent infertility effects. Plus it is a completely natural method. Unless someone is allergic, this method does not have any side effects. Women all over the world have been consuming unripe pawpaws to terminate the pregnancy or to prevent it, and this concept has been working for ages.

Actually in Asia and India in particular, women use the pawpaw fruit as birth control. Specifically, they use the unripe pawpaws. This is because these green pawpaws are high in enzymes, which can be used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Some use them as a tool to end unwanted early pregnancies too. You just have to consume the pawpaw in large doses. Or you could also directly apply it to the uterus.

The science behind it is that the presence of phytochemicals in green pawpaws interfere with progesterone to end a pregnancy. If the pawpaw is taken in large doses or applied directly to the birth canal, abortion is likely to happen.

So if you wish to try for a child, pawpaws are to be avoided at all costs. And it only makes sense that women currently pregnant should also not eat this. I mean, it does really help in digestion, but it is really unwise to use it when pregnant.

Bear in mind that you eat the fruit, together with the seeds. I’ll share with you on how to prepare the seeds.


First, thoroughly wash the pawpaw. Sometimes people are sensitive to the skins. Plus it’s only healthy to do so. Then, slice the pawpaw lengthwise. Carefully remove the seeds and try not to grab any of the fruit. You can then peel the pawpaw, slice it into desired pieces and place it into a storage container until use.

You also need to wash the seeds and place them into a bowl. Cover them in water, and soak overnight in a covered container in the refrigerator. You could also just cover the container and place them in cold water, in place of a refrigerator.

As for the last step, remove the water from the seeds and place them on a towel. Dry them as best you can. And you are good to go. Now, you eat them. You could also store other seeds for later use.

All done, and without any harmful pills. Was the article helpful? Share your thoughts below, like, share and follow my page for more interesting tips.