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Ethic Entertainment – Bazenga [Mp3 Download]


Ethic Entertainment – Bazenga [Official Video Download].


Ethic Entertainment – Bazenga [Mp3 Download]

In 2021, Ethic Entertainment are still among the biggest Kenyan artists. They burst onto the scene in 2018.

The four-man group has enjoyed a meteoric rise since the release of their debut single Lamba Lolo.

In this article, we delve into Ethic Entertainment’s names, songs, videos, lyrics and facts you might not know about them.


Who is Ethic Entertainment?

Ethic Entertainment is a popular Kenyan music group made up of ReklesSWAT Mtoto wa EuniceSeska and Zilla. The group released a video for Lamba Lolo in May 2018 which became an instant hit and viral sensation.

The low-budget video was shot in Umoja where members of the group grew up before the fame. In past interviews, they revealed that they were engaging in various side-hustles before Lamba Lolo, with SWAT having been a tattoo artist, Zilla at a movie shop and Seska doing various jobs including working at a car-wash. Rekles was already actively in the studio and was recording hardcore hip-hop singles.

Since then, the group has gone on to establish themselves at the top of the game with several hit singles and videos as well as performances at major events.

Ethic Entertainment Ages

SWAT Mtoto wa Eunice (real name Boniface Mwangi) was born on April 18th 1997.

Rekles, the group’s front-man, was born on 24th April.

Zilla was born on July 10th.

The article will be updated with Seska’s birthday information.

Ethic Entertainment Songs


Ethic has released a series of hit singles that began with Lamba Lolo in May 2018. Along the way they have had features with various other Kenyan artists including Otile Brown, The Kansoul and Boondocks Gang.

  • Lamba Lolo (2018)
  • Position (2018)
  • Saba (2018)
  • Instagram (2018)
  • Pandana (2019)
  • Chapa Chapa (2019)
  • Thao (2019)
  • Tarimbo (2019)
  • Daktari (2020)
  • Quarantei (2020)
  • Dondoka (2020)

Ethic Entertainment Videos

Lamba Lolo

Position ft. The Kansoul




Chapa Chapa

Thao ft. Boondocks Gang

Ethic Entertainment – Figa

Ethic Entertainment’s video for Figa was deleted from Youtube barely two months after it was posted due to a copyright claim. At the time, the video had already garnered over a million views and was playing in clubs across the country. Jamaican dancehall star Konshens had also appeared on a remix of the single

While the lyrics were original, the beat by producer Motif the Don was almost entirely copied from ‘Cono’, a song by by Dutch rapper Jhorrmountain featuring Puri and Adje. Cono was released in December 9, 2017, with the audio having over 25 million views.

Ethic Entertainment – Tarimbo

Ethic Entertainment – Daktari

Ethic Entertainment – Quarantei



Ethic Entertainment Manager

Ethic Entertainment is currently managed by John Mbugua. The group was initially managed by Hype XP boss Mwakitele ‘Telehmani’ who sought them out after Lamba Lolo. They, however, parted ways after some time with Telehmani accusing them of breach of contract.

Ethic Tweet on Their Music Not Being Gengetone

Ethic Entertainment tweeted in July 2019 that they did not want their music classified as gengetone. Gengetone is a term that emerged soon after Lamba Lolo, referring to the new wave of young, viral Kenyan artists such as Ochungulo Family, Boondocks Gang, Sailors and Zzero Sufuri that emerged and took over the charts.


The sound is reminiscent of ‘Genge’ made popular by veteran artists such as JuaCali, Nonini and Calif Records producer Clemmo. Gengetone features Sheng’ (Kenyan slang) and Swahili lyrics and dancehall and reggaetone-inspired production.

Ethic Entertainment Record Label

Ethic signed with A.I Records in 2019. This is after global music giant Universal acquired a 75% stake in A.I Records.

While terms of the deal remain sealed, it is expected to see the group’s music marketed and distributed in various territories beyond Kenya.

Did Rekless Break Up With Ethic Entertainment?

In 2020, it was widely reported that Rekless had parted ways with Ethic Entertainment.

This was after he started releasing solo records under a different label, House of Badass, such as the smash hit Sota featuring Mejja.

With Ethic signed to AI Records which is majority owned by Universal Music Group, some even accused Rekles of breach of contract.

The group as well as Rekles himself, however, came out to rubbish the rumors asserting that Ethic was still intact.

Rekles explained that members of the group were free to pursue their own solo projects as well as group efforts.

Ethic Entertainment Instagram

Ethic Entertainment are active on Instagram with their group account @ethicentertainment having close to 100,000 followers as of October 2019. They also have their individual accounts @swat_mtoto_wa_eunice@rekles.k , @seska_ke  and @zilladropa.

Ethic Entertainment Twitter

Ethic Entertainment tweet @ethicofficial.

Ethic Entertainment Facebook

You can find Ethic Entertainment on their official page Ethic entertainment.

Ethic Entertainment Lyrics

Ethic Entertainment – Quarantei Lyrics

(Sanitizer, sanitizer)

Ah, mi hukata makale naongeza na Barley
Ka nina maganji ju niko quarantine
Quara quarantine, Quara quarantine
Quara quarantine, Quara quarantine

Eh! Wuhan kulikuwanga na Corona
Busaa tukaisunda kwa mogoka
Dunda tutacheza tu na distance
Dunda tukacheza tu na di

Ye hutoboa ka amevuta koro
Mi humochoa ka amedunga polo
Buda ng’oa hapo utatoka Ndung’u
Kumdondoa town kudunga njongo

Ah, mi hukata makale naongeza na Barley
Ka nina maganji ju niko quarantine
Quara quarantine, Quara quarantine
Quara quarantine, Quara quarantine

Wengi wanakutaka wanakutaka