Femi One – Greatness [Album Zip Download].

Femi One – Greatness [Album Tracklist].

Femi One - Greatness

The project, “Greatness” album by Femi One serves as her debut project under Kaka Empire and it features Bern Mziki, Zakah, Sanaipei Tande, Jadi, Joh Makini, Oksyde, B2C, Feffe Busi and Jay Rox.

Greatness, which is Femi One’s debut album, is destined to catapult her more into the limelight. The album combines Femi One’s signature punchlines, funny nuances, thought provoking rawness with a funky new age twist.

All her songs are a labour of love for her fans; a powerful package that is set to make history.

Femi One Greatness Album Tracklist;

  1. Femi One – Adonai Lyrics ft. Bern Mziki
  2. Femi One – Mgongo Lyrics ft. Jadi
  3. Femi One – Greatness Lyrics
  4. Femi One – Balance Lyrics
  5. Femi One – Feelanga Free Lyrics ft. Zakah
  6. Femi One – Sina Haja Lyrics ft. Sanaipei Tande
  7. Femi One – Duru Lyrics ft. Joh Makini
  8. Femi One – 100 Bob Lyrics
  9. Femi One – Selekta Lyrics ft. Oksyde
  10. Femi One – Vako Lyrics
  11. Femi One – Jiongeleshe Lyrics
  12. Femi One – Wapewe Lyrics ft. B2C Ent.
  13. Femi One – Kuzina Nawe Lyrics ft. Feffe Busi
  14. Femi One – Diva Lyrics ft. Jay Rox

Written by; Femi One