Senator Isaac Mwaura’s wife, Nelius Mukami, might be facing marital woes if her most recent posts on her Instagram stories are anything to go by.

Mwaura and Nelius traded vows in 2015 in a beautiful wedding and vowed before God and men that they will remain together through all challenges, yet it appears to be their marriage is facing problems.

In one of the posts, Mwaura’s significant other complains of being abused,“A woman becomes a reflection of how you treat her. If you don’t like how she’s acting, look at how you are treating her.

In another post, Nelius Mukami added a secretive message that read, “Sometimes you let go of people without even noticing,”

The lawmaker’s wife further ranted in another message that read, “Don’t allow your devotion to become slavery.

While it’s not satisfactory whether the cryptic messages are dedicated to her husband Isaac, sources intimate that Mwaura’s marriage has been on the rough because of betrayal.

The vocal Senator is said to be an extremely famous womanizer with series of girlfriends.

Here are screen captures of enigmatic messages posted by his wife, Nelius Mukami, that left Netizens contemplating whether her marriage is on the rocks.