A middle-aged man who blocked President Uhuru Kenyatta‘s motorcade in Lucky Summer estate, Nairobi, is over the moon after the President spoke to him.

Kepher Nyambane, who is a father of three, made headlines on Wednesday when he stopped the Head of State‘s motorcade when he was leaving Lucky Summer where he had gone to launch Neema Slaughter House.

Kepher revealed that his attempt to speak to the President did not go down in vain. He said that he actually had a word or two with Uhuru before his vehicle sped away.

“He told his guards: achana na huyo kijana (let him be),” said Nyambane in an interview with a local daily.

The father of the nation would later yell at him as his car sped away.

“The President guaranteed me that we will talk. He yelled – tutaongea, tutaongea (we will talk later) before rolling up his car window and sped off,” Kepher said.

Nyambane said that he is eagerly waiting for the day the President is going to invite him to State House for a chat.