Digital Media and communication specialist, Pauline Njoroge, is an angry woman after a netizen asked her when she will get married despite clocking many years under the sun.

“You are beautiful, you are educated, what are you waiting for?

“Take advantage of your youth and experience family life,” the man identified as Jackson Kibuchi asked Pauline.

Pauline was not amused by the question which seemed to intrude into a part of her life she does not like making public.

She questioned why people’s private affairs bother others so much to the extent of them reaching out to follow up.

“If I decide to remain unmarried for whatever reason, why would it bother a guy on Facebook who has never met me and knows zilch about me?” she asked.

Pauline alluded to the fact that marriage is a beautiful thing when it works out, but that can only happen in an environment of love and respect.

Pauline is famous in political circles, is alleged to be warming the beds of the high and mighty.