Barnaba Ft Alikiba – Cheketua [Official Video Download].


Barnaba Ft Alikiba – Cheketua [Mp3 Audio Download].


Get to know Barnaba classic and get to know his music taste,

I am grateful to take this opportunity to introduce our new song called #Cheketua featured by Alikiba. Barnaba classic is one of the best male vocalists in Tanzania and East Africa. He is a songwriter, singer, and record producer, and Cheketua was produced by Barnaba classic. The guitarist of the song is Kiso Mundede. The song was produced under a music label record called Hightable sound studio.
This track was made on 12 February 2021 and released on 26th 2021. Cheketua song has been registered under Tanzanian Council of Arts and given copyright of WWW which includes all rights to be shared under all platforms with no limitations. The legal owner of the content is Elias Barnaba Inyasi famously known as Barnaba classic. He is also a producer and owner of the studio record label called Hightablesound Entertainment company. He is a Tanzanian and lives in Tanzania. Alikiba has been featured in this song. Alikiba is one of the best musicians in the African continent. His achievements in the music career both within and outside the country is tremendous. He can be termed as an international musician whose brand is well known.
Both Alikiba and Barnaba classic are known as talented giants in the music career. Their combination in the #Cheketua song has brought a melodic taste to the music career. In summary, you are welcome to enjoy the song from the best artists that have been produced from a highly equipped studio. To our fans, we do appreciate your support, and we would like to call you again towards supporting this song. It is our honor to invite you to listen to the #Cheketua song and quench your music thirst. Cheketua song is available on all digital platforms, the links below will be helpful to access the song.
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