Fearless activist, Boniface Mwangi, has blamed the Government for the mysterious death of Somali-American businessman Bashir Mohamud.

Bashir was abducted last week after leaving Miale Lounge in Lavington and his phone switched off.

His posh Range Rover was found burnt in Ngong Forest, 3 days after he was reported missing.

The frantic search for the 35-year-old businessman came to an end after his body was found at Kerugoya hospital mortuary in Kirinyaga County.

The body of the deceased businessman was spotted floating by local residents at River Nyamindi in Mwea last Sunday before it was retrieved and taken to the mortuary.

According to Mwangi, Bashir’s well-planned murder was carried out by the state.

Mwangi said that it’s only the state that carries out such a heinous murder, considering that the scene of the crime at Ngong Forest was tampered with after the shell of Bashir’s burnt Range Rover disappeared mysteriously, soon after police left.

“Mohamud Bashir Mohammed was kidnapped in Nairobi which has government CCTV, murdered, and dumped in Kirinyaga. His car was burnt and the shell disappeared. It’s only the government that can pull off such an operation. He was killed by the state, the biggest question is why?” Mwangi wrote.

“Have you ever tried moving cargo, household goods, building materials or even animals, dead or alive? That’s when you learn police roadblocks are everywhere. For a body or a kidnapped person to be transported that far, it has to be police work. They also wanted the body to be found, “ he added.

Bashir was reportedly on police radar for supporting terror-related activities.