I told him I loved him. He didn’t answer, and I didn’t hear from him for two days. Then he rang me and he said, “I’ve just called to say I Love you”. This happened after I had visited Kiwanga Doctors whom I learnt of when I came across their viral website.

My previous husband was only 39 when he died of Lung Cancer. I never thought of meeting anyone else. It took me a long time to find my own identity again – Steve. But
gradually, life opened up and found my confidence. Steve and I met again at Dorothy’s
funeral after a long time. We’d all stayed friends over the years, and spent some good times together. I’d traveled a long way to be there that day. Dorothy had been ill for some time and we all wanted to also wish her quick recovery.

So on meeting again with Steve he told me in the eye that he would love to settle down
with me. To marry me. I couldn’t believe but to his words, he kept chasing after me even
a month later. I took him in circles to see how he loved me and he worked hard for me. I
later gave in and many things have happened.Today as we speak, I am expecting my first born child and then we can wed so that we make this official.

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